About us

Scientific Society of Students of Ternopil National Medical University. AND I. Gorbachev Ministry of Health of Ukraine is a structural unit of the university, which carries out its work as part of the scientific department of TNMU. The work of SSS is aimed at developing the scientific potential of medical students in order to form future researchers.

The governing body of the company is the SSS Council. The members of the Council are elected at the general meeting of the SSS TNMU. The Council is chaired by the Chairman of the SSS Council, who is also elected at the general meeting. The work of the Council of the Scientific Society of Students is based on the assistance of student research groups in the organization of research work. To this end, members of the Council of the Scientific Society of Students actively assist in conducting annual scientific and practical conferences, timely provide information to clubs and students of all courses on student conferences and congresses in various cities of Ukraine and abroad. The SSS Council has extensive ties with other student research organizations in Ukraine and abroad. Students of our university are active participants in international and national conferences and competitions, have repeatedly won honorary prizes. Student scientific-practical conferences are constantly held with the assistance of the SSS Council. The activities of the SSS TNMU Council are coordinated by the SSS curator.

Members of SSS TNMU are students of all courses and faculties belonging to the scientific circle of one of the departments. NTS members conduct research work in accordance with the topic proposed by the supervisor. The work of student-scientists is coordinated by the scientific director of the circle. The members of each circle elect the head of the circle at the first meeting of the scientific circle.

SSS is a division of our university, a scientific society of students engaged in scientific work, supervision of scientific circles, organizes the International Medical Congress of students and young scientists at our university, as well as cooperates with scientific departments of other higher education institutions. All this sounds a bit boring, but in fact the work of young scientists is fascinating, brings not only academic success, useful achievements, but also communication with interesting people.

SSS unites all circle members and young scientists of TNMU. It is headed by the NTS Council. In the autumn of this year, re-elections to the Council of the SSS took place, which included representatives of all faculties and courses of the university, namely:

Podilska Tetyana (5th year medical student).

Tetyana Podilska (5th year medical student) is the head of the SSS Council

Daryna Kaminska (6th year medical student)

Dmytro Kaminsky (6th year medical student)

Terenda Oleksandr (6th year medical student)

Bohdana Bondaruk (6th year medical student)

Anna Shkrobot (5th year medical student)

Buchko Andriana (5th year medical student)

Ilya Sorokivskyi (5th year medical student)

Maria Semerez (5th year medical student)

Kateryna Simko (5th year medical student)

Anastasia Shkrobot (3th year medical student)

Victoria Miroshnyk (3th year medical student)

Curator of SSS - as. S. V. Kucher.

The newly elected Council is actively working on the following issues:

-we update the SSS WEB-page on the university website;

- we organize a permanent electronic scientific conference of students and young scientists;

-we start sending information letters-invitations to the Internet conference on the basis of the WEB-portal of TSMU and the 24th International Medical Congress of students and young scientists;

-cooperate with international organizations EMSA and IFMSA.

The SSS Council invites all active students, scientists and future scientists to cooperate!